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Student/Staff profile management system

Increased students strength in colleges as well as in schools made it difficult to manage and maintain the studentsí profiles, registration of individual students and their other details. To find a solution to this, Inet Student management System script is an innovative endeavor to manage the studentsí details. The script has got individual modules for Administrator, Teachers, Staff and Parents to connect all these stake holders of education system in a single platform. The important modules to maintain all the necessary details such as attendance, time tables, schedules, complaint box, forum etc are incorporated with product which will be highly helpful.

Inet Students profile management script is a comprehensive system for information management of the students. The daily updates of the college management such as Admission, Registration to finance, faculty and business development can be uploaded with the database. The module reduces the human error that could disturb the database, and ensures accuracy of information, which can be accessed anywhere and any point of time.

The separate module which is assigned to the parents can be a useful page, through which they can monitor their children activities. They can access the information such as attendance, grades, feedbacks and remarks from their concerned teachers. The real time information access both from the administrative as well as the parentís login can initiate good communication.

The product is designed in such as way that even a layman can use and access the information. The simple user interface, its intuitive features and many important modules make the product more preferable comparing to other products available in the current market. The efficient security features and data security privacy make the product unique and most favorable among the product users.

The integrated email facility which helps to send and receive messages within group is available with the product. Inet students profile management script supports school, colleges and institutionsí daily operations and eliminates the data entry errors, maintains most up to date information and maintains the essential history records for the future uses.


Many thanks to your team! They have been 100% supportive of our School management software implementation and have been great partners.


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