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The numbers of schools are increasing rapidly in India in order to enroll the drastically increased students and especially educational institutions from the private sectors have grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade or so.

Some reputed schools have the capacity to register students even in thousands; this has become practically impossible to maintain such a number of students manually. It consumes more work forces in the management side to carry out administrative works. To reduce such difficulties in the management side, Inet has developed a new comfortable, enhanced School management software product to deliver best solution needed.

Inet School management software is a next generation school administrative tool to enhance the efficiency of the school management without much effort. Inet School ERP has achieved state-of-the-art in the management techniques and has come up with comprehensive solution for the school management.

Inet school management product has the potential to build strong community of the school campus including the educational stake holders such as management, administration, parents and teachers to build a concrete platform for their communication. The product has been developed using the latest technology in the industry after a very keen research on the pros and cons of the existing products, to provide comprehensive management solution.

The product has been incorporated with all the modules which are necessary to run a seamless administration. The important modules such as records and profile management, Fee management, Time table generation and management, Online content management, Home work management, Attendance management, Exam management, Grades management, Circulars, meeting notification, Syllabus, Internal mail and Library are some of the useful modules included in the administrative product.

Inet school management software is well tested and enhanced product and it is being widely used both in the India and abroad as well. All the needs to run a convenient administrative platform have been provided with the software. If the client needs anything special like adding or removing modules and navigation from the product will be done according to their wish to improve it.

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Many thanks to your team! They have been 100% supportive of our School management software implementation and have been great partners.


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