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School's Alert Management System

Inet School alert Management website is an online portal, where schools and institutions can register upon the administrator and acquire their own site for school, which is very useful for the administration. The online school management website is an essential one, especially for small and medium sized schools, which creates space for all the stake holders of the school such as Administrator, Teachers, Parents and Students. They can get connected, no matter wherever they are and get to know about any information in no time.

The website administrator can provide each school management a unique username and password on receiving fixed fees, which the school management can use as if their own website and upload and share information to others. The school administration can provide each teacher a unique user name and password which is useful to maintain the database of the students such as profile, attendance, feedback, academic performance, co-curricular activities, syllabus, lesson plan, time table, exam schedule, parents meetings, grades etc.

The class teacher can create a page with unique user name and password for each student's parents, which is essential for them to keep an eye on their children. They can continuously follow their children with respect to their academic performance, discipline and attendance etc. Apart from this the parents, teachers and the administrators can be in touch with each other using the website and access the information of the site from any part of the globe.

The website is a comprehensive product incorporated with the entire essential features, which are indispensible for the administration of a school or an institution. The inbuilt mailing option can be used to send and receive messages within the group and share the information. The options have been provided to the Admin to possess full control over the site to manage the profile of the staff, salary details, attendance details, meetings details etc.

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