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School Management System

The numbers of schools are increasing rapidly in India in order to enroll the drastically increased students and especially educational institutions from the private sectors have grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade or so.

School Management System
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College Management System

Perceiving the need for the advanced college management software, Inet has developed new, essential, enhanced college management product to keep the management team out of laden works and tension.

College management features
College management script

Student/Staff profile management system

Increased students strength in colleges as well as in schools made it difficult to manage and maintain the studentsí profiles, registration of individual students and their other details. .

Student/Staff profile management system
College management system

School Alert Management

Inet School alert Management website is an online portal, where schools and institutions can register upon the administrator and acquire their own site for school, which is very useful for the administration.

School alert management
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